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Originally based on the authors? ideas music classes dedicated to children aged from 3 to 6 years old. Interesting and attractive movement and music activities. Together we play and improvise on various children?s musical instruments. We listen to the beautiful and unusual music. We discover gifts lurking in our children. We develop their imagination and sensitivity.

Gama was established in 1993. The inspiration came from the need of replenishing and broadening Polish system of education - as well as music education for young children itself. It is designed for children gifted in music. Gama?s goal is to develop children?s musical abilities, their musicality, creativity and prepare them for further education in that field. Since the beginning, our work has been based on the original program which we constantly improve. The very basis of the program refers to the modern ideas of music education invented by C. Orff, Z. Kodaly and E. J. Dalcroze. We also use our long standing experience in working with children. The output of Polish outstanding musical educators remains our main inspiration.

Beside group classes there is a possibility of creating an individual program for your child and starting playing the piano, violin or any other instrument.

We have an individual attitude towards each child. We appreciate achievements and help to overcome difficulties. Mutual relations between children and teachers are based on recognized patterns of modern psychology, openness and empathy.

Additionally, Gama guarantees a psychologist, speech therapist and phoniatrist?s care.


Gama's authors

  • Anna Piskorek?Atys

    Anna Piskorek?Atys

    graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. For many years she worked in the State Music School Complex no.1 as an educator-pianist. Currently, she is a lecturer in the Department of Early Education, the Faculty of Education, University of Warsaw, where she specializes in developing children?s musical abilities and their music education. She is also a piano teacher and leads music classes for children aged from 4 to 6 years old in Casa dei Bambini in Warsaw and in the Canadian School. What is more, she works as a piano teacher in the Warsaw Music Society.

  • Marta Antoszewska

    Marta Antoszewska

    graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and the Karol Lipi?ski Academy of Music in Wroc?aw, the Faculty of Music Therapy. She works in the State Music School Complex no.1 as a piano teacher. She also works in a private music therapy surgery. She is a member of the Polish Music Therapist Association.


Classes developing musicality include:

  • voice training: proper breathing and body posture, loosening up, practicing voice emission, diction and proper intonation. Moulding an ear for music (in a melodious, rhythmical and harmonious sense), speech and logo rhythmic exercises;
  • moving to the music: movement and singing games accompanied by instrument playing, movement illustrations, improvisations and staging, rhythmical exercises;
  • playing musical instruments for children, familiarizing with the piano, cello, violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet and guitar;
  • getting to know children?s musical literature in Polish and foreign languages (e.g. English, French);
  • creative music activities;
  • listening to the music in an active and conscious way;
  • music, art and word integration;
  • music therapy.

Individual musical instrument lessons take place once or twice a week and they last for 20 or 30 minutes.

Classes are held every Monday and Thursday, from September to June, at 17 or 18, in the Emil M?ynarski State Music school no.1, Miodowa 22d, Warsaw. They are 55 min. long.

Signing up for classes begins in September. If there are any free places, registration during the school year is also possible.

To sign up, just come to the classes, call us or send us an email.


Entrance fee
260 z?
Fixed monthly payment for the group classes
360 z?
Individual musical instrument lessons cost
30?50 z?

Parents are not charged additionally for materials that are necessary to take part in the classes.



Classes are held in the Emil M?ynarski State Music School no.1, Miodowa 22d, Warsaw.

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